Development prospects

HTI GROUP is a fast-growing company, with a mission that reflects the real needs of the market and which coincides with the key objectives that the government places on the agribusiness. HTI GROUP is actively involved in modernising technological processes and successfully introduces innovations for effective operation of existing greenhouse facilities.


The HTI GROUP mission sets out two corporate development vectors: work on federal-scale projects under public-private partnership and the implementation of local projects. HTI GROUP has elaborated a plan for the development of sites with production areas of up to 40 ha. Production assumes the planned diversification of produce combined with the creation of a logistics terminal.


The ability to diversify product lines ensures low financial risks for all HTI GROUP greenhouse projects. Highly profitable greenhouse projects may be designed both for flowers and vegetable crops. The most profitable and, hence, the most widespread greenhouse construction projects in Russia over the last 5 to 7 years have focussed on the cultivation of roses. Despite this, greenhouse facilities can also be used to cultivate other promising products, such as gerbera, chrysanthemums and many types of pot plants. By altering the technology, greenhouses can be redesigned for growing tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. All of these products are very popular on the domestic vegetable market and could become a planned replacement for import volumes.


The universal introduction of HTI GROUP technologies will help to shift the balance from import in favour of domestic production across the Russian greenhouse farming market, producing high-quality, eco-friendly produce at low cost which, given the more convenient logistics and exclusion of the customs component, is sure to appeal to wholesalers.