The Russian-Dutch company HTI GROUP specialises in the introduction of innovative greenhouse technologies and the effective operation of existing greenhouse facilities in the Russian Federation, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The company implements turnkey greenhouse business projects, including technical, agronomic and marketing support.


These projects are unique in Russia. They are based on a precise financial forecast and come with a two-year guarantee from a Dutch exporter of greenhouse facilities. HTI GROUP offers its clients a production facility with the opportunity to diversify product lines and with a predicted profit level; a ready-made business and a stable income, regardless of external economic factors.


HTI GROUP’s mission is to bring the agrarian economy out of crisis by introducing advanced western technologies into the Russian market to ensure a good return on investment in turnkey greenhouse projects. Many Russian businessmen are now looking at the idea of establishing greenhouse farms. The market needs a business structure with a proven track record of effectiveness and which guarantees a solution to problems in production, sales, and competition with farmed produce already on the shelves. HTI GROUP offers such a proven and impeccable structure for the Russian market.


HTI GROUP’s most valuable assets are the unique skills and practical experience of its specialists, who implement hi-tech greenhouse projects both in Russia and abroad. Members of the team are directly involved in the design and implementation of major flower-cultivation projects such as Mir Tsvetov "World of Flowers" (Republic of Mordovia), Novaya Gollandiya "New Holland" (Leningrad Region), Ramenskiye Greenhouses (Moscow Region), Chekhov Gardens (Tula Region) and many others. The team’s skills and experience make the design of greenhouse projects of any level and scale a formality.




Givi Pataridze

Chief Executive Officer of HTI GROUP. A founder of greenhouse production in Russia, with 14 years of practical experience in the introduction of greenhouse technologies. Organises and manages the largest turnkey greenhouse projects.


Gagik Yesayan

Construction engineer, process engineer and technical supervisor. Founded and headed leading companies in the construction, design and operation of greenhouse complexes in Russia.


Nikolai Kutnyuk

Economist and operational management specialist. Graduate of the Khabarovsk State Economics and Law Academy and holder of an MBA-GR from the Higher School of Public Administration. Has held senior positions in major construction holdings.


Andrei Altenhof

A high-class manager, director and founder of Altenhof Blumen Import-Export, Germany’s largest wholesale chain for flowers. Has considerable experience in the implementation of large-scale projects, including a comprehensive landscaping project for Astana and the principal supplier of fertile planting material on the Russian market.